February 27, 2012

Former NBA star fights for treatment for more drug addicts

In his new book, “Basketball Junkie” Former Boston Celtics star Chris Herren comes clean on shooting heroin before his mother's funeral, bailing on his wife and newborn son in the hospital to get drunk, and even being brought back to life once after an overdose.

But when Herren was finally ready to dedicate himself to getting clean in 2008, he was met with a new challenge: the cost of effective treatment.

“Unless you have the very best insurance, you'll only get eight or nine days,” Herren says in a recent interview with CNN. “You can't expect someone to run the streets for 10 years and come out clean in 10 days.”

In response to this problem, Herren launched the Herren Project in 2011, determined to help more addicts find the treatment they need. In one year, the project has privately paid for more than 100 addicts to receive the treatment they otherwise could never have afforded on their own.


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