May 23, 2013

Former ‘Bachelorette’ Meredith Phillips puts the bottle down

Meredith Phillips, the former model who starred on “The Bachelorette,” has gone public with her story of alcoholism and her decision to enter recovery.

 Until about six months ago, Phillips, 39, told People magazine she was drinking herself into alcohol-induced oblivion with her drug of choice being wine.

“For years I'd wake up every day feeling like I was hit by a truck,” said Phillips, who at her worst she was drinking 20 or more bottles a week.

“But I realized I was going to kill myself. There wasn't another path for me other than to stop. I'm finally starting to live my life again.”

Most fans of the former reality TV star never would have guessed her heavy drinking problem as, in Season Two, she got to choose between 25 men desperate to date her. While the series ended with a proposal from equities researcher Ian McKee, they split in 2005. That's when her drinking began to spiral out of control, she said.

“It began with a lot of 'Sunday Fundays.' I would split a bottle of champagne with friends at brunch, then move on to wine,'” she said.

She doesn't pretend the path to sobriety has been easy, but remains committed.

“There are definitely times I miss drinking,” she said. “I'm not saying I won't one day want that bottle of wine, but I don't right now and that's a good start.”

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