October 15, 2012

Find your balance with these everyday rituals

Good daily habits can be essential to emotional, psychological and spiritual health.

 http://reneweveryday.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/9c85074bc0d94540ab5e4f077e0199581.jpgWhole Living sought the advice of experts for everyday rituals that they've created or practice that help build a balance in life.

Welcoming the day in a positive and intentional way is high on the list. Jane Alexander, author of 20 books on holistic living, created her own version of a morning ritual using the classic yoga Sun Salutation.

“I like it because it gives your whole body a vibrant wake-up call,” she tells Whole Living.

In the ritual, before you get out of bed and perform the Sun Salutation, Alexander says it’s important to lie quietly in bed for a few moments in order to say thanks. Then, get out of bed and stand in front of a mirror. Smile at yourself and affirm that it will be a good day, full of happiness and opportunities.

After greeting the day properly, then it’s time to face east and start the Sun Salutation.

Alexander also recommends a family meal ritual to create a feeling of togetherness in the family unit. Setting a specific time every week for a family dinner will help you keep the appointment, and everyone should help in its preparation so that they feel like a part of the weekly ritual. For instance, every member of the family should be in charge of contributing something. This can be as simple as setting the table, mixing the salad or whatever needs to be done.

If you want, before you eat, you can create your own personal, family blessing. Then, when you eat, eat your meal with mindfulness. Alexander says it’s good to encourage silence during the start of the meal, so everyone can savor the taste and texture of their food.

For more rituals, such as gratitude, appreciation and sleep rituals, click here to read more at Whole Living.

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