August 20, 2012

Feeling down? Reach for these foods. hear of valproic acid? It’s used as a widely-used prescription mood-stabilizing drug. And there are foods out there that share the traits of this mood-boosting acid.

According to the American Chemical Society, “molecules in chocolate, a variety of berries and foods containing omega-3 fatty acids have shown positive effects on mood,” says Karina Martinez-Mayorga, Ph.D., leader of a research team that presented its findings to the American Chemical Society.

She adds that there is strong evidence that chemicals in chocolate, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, teas and other foods they are researching all may have the ability to boost your bad mood. These findings alone encourage more mood modulating tests for other foods.

The research team is specifically looking to identify the chemical compounds that moderate mood swings, help maintain cognitive health, improve mental alertness and delay the onset of memory loss.

Valproic acid is sold under brand names such as Depakene, Depakote and Stavzor.

For more information, read the full story from Psych Central.

 “It is important to remember that just eating foods that may improve mood is not a substitute for prescribed antidepressive drugs,” Martinez-Mayorga adds.

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