May 27, 2020

Drug Abuse is Top Issue for New Hampshire Voters

Voters in New Hampshire – one of the most important primary states for the 2016 presidential election – say that addressing drug abuse is the most important issue in the state. 

A quarter of voters polled said that drug abuse is the number one issue in The Granite State, according to The Concord Monitor. It has been over a decade since New Hampshire residents felt anything other than the economy and jobs was the biggest issue in the state. Now, only 21 percent of adults felt that jobs and the economy were the most important issue in the state, and 10 percent said that education and the state budget were the most important. 

Eighty-eight percent of New Hampshire adults said that “heroin abuse is a very serious problem.” More than half of the people polled said that they personally know someone who has abused heroin in the past five years. 

The sentiment in New Hampshire mirrors opinions across the country, as voters become more aware of the opiate crisis. Presidential candidates including Chris Christy, Hillary Clinton, and Carly Fionina have spoken out about addiction, and other activists including Patrick Kennedy have said that every candidate needs an addiction management plan



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