May 27, 2020

Drinking May Raise Breast Cancer Risk

By Mary Sauer
Women who consume two or more glasses of wine or beer each day have a 4 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer, according to research conducted at five Spanish universities. Of the 334,000 women surveyed between the ages of 35 and 70, close to 12,000 of the study participants developed breast cancer. 
Further analysis of the study results showed the participant’s risk of developing breast cancer was quadrupled with each daily glass or wine or beer consumed. Due the to design of the study, researchers were unable to prove causation. However, because results did point to a significant correlation between daily alcohol consumption and breast cancer, the information was compelling enough for co-author Maria Dolores Chirlaque to advise women to consider how their habits could affect their health.
“Alcohol intake is a breast cancer risk factor that can be changed by a personal decision to form healthy habits,” she said. “Women must be advised and forewarned of the possibility they have to control this factor.”

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