August 21, 2012

Don’t let haters derail your sobriety’s common to finally figure out who your real friends are when you get into recovery. When you’re committed to staying sober, it may be time to decide who’s a toxic friend and who really has your best interest in mind.

David Sack, M.D., offers some of his tips in Addiction Recovery to not let those toxic individuals take you down with them. Sack explains that when you are sober, some individuals who you thought were your “friend” don’t always have your back. In order to safeguard your sobriety, sometimes tough calls have to be made.

One general rule, Sack says, is to make peace with cutting ties from negative influences. Cutting those ties can be one of the hardest parts of early recovery.

“This may mean ending relationships with people you have relied on as a source of emotional or financial support, changing jobs if your drug-using circle extended to work, or getting out of an abusive relationship or unhealthy marriage – all of which can have a dramatic effect on your daily life,” Sack explains.

But this opens up the opportunity to create a new, healthy circle of friends.

These positive friends can include people you meet at work while doing sober activities or attending self-help support groups. These new friends should not only avoid drug use but will hopefully be enthusiastic about your efforts to stay clean.

Joining these self-help groups, which Sack suggests, offer regular meetings that help keep the focus on recovery. But they also introduce you to a group of people who are working toward similar goals.

Having trouble determining if your friends are toxic or not? Click here to learn the reasons why the people you thought were your friends may end up sabotaging your recovery efforts.

David Sack, M.D., is board certified in Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry. As CEO of Elements Behavioral Health he oversees a network of addiction treatment centers that include Promises, The Recovery Place and The Ranch.

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