February 1, 2014

Doll that won’t eat concerns experts

For $57.95, this spring parents will be able to buy a new doll that will teach their child to have an eating disorder, or anyway that’s what a group of vocal opponents of the toy have to say.

Nenuco Won't Eat Doll looks a lot like a real baby and is an extremely picky eater. Only when forced to eat will the doll open its mouth.

Scheduled to be stocked in toy departments in the spring, the doll refuses to eat food by shaking its head from side to side. Some parents find it harmless while other parents and professionals have a different opinion.

Jennifer Lombardi, an eating disorder expert and anorexia survivor, thinks the doll sends the wrong message.

“Because honestly, who is going to play with this doll? Probably a girl between the ages of 5 and 7,” Lombardi said in a report by WMFY news. “And as somebody in the field of eating disorders, I can tell you we are assessing kids at those young ages and they are coming into treatment for eating disorders.”

According to manufacturer KVOR out of Spain, it's not encouraging eating disorders. Instead they say it's teaching kids the importance of eating healthy.




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