August 3, 2012

Counting down a recovery road trip

Posted Aug. 3, 2012

Last month, Sean Morrison set off on a mission to collect 60 stories of recovery in 30 days during a cross-country road trip. As of Friday, he says he’s at 48 stories and counting.

Morrison, an advocate for the Heroes in Recovery movement, set out on his trip, July 11. Morrison says, along with the Heroes in Recovery movement, that through stories the stigma associated with addiction, mental illness and recovery can be broken, story by story.

“These are stories of our journey and celebrate who we are today, not who we were,” says Morrison. “They inform others of how recovery affects all of us, not just the individual dealing with addiction and/or mental illness.”

Along the way, Morrison has been connecting with readers online in his Heroes in Recovery blog and posting some of the personal recovery stories he’s collected. Click here to check out the stories or share your own story.

As part of the trip, Morrison—while in New York City—and had the chance to chat with veteran national news anchor and recovery advocate Laurie Dhue. Check out Sean’s one-on-one interview below.

You can also read Renew’s exclusive interview with Dhue, Recovering out loud, here at

Follow Sean Morrison and keep up-to-date on his trip on Twitter @simplyeasylivin.

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