September 7, 2012

Clarity Way launches record label for recovery

Posted Friday, Sept. 7, 2012 for music that supports musicians in recovery? Clarity Way aims to grant your wish.

Pennsylvania’s drug and alcohol rehab facility, Clarity Way, has announced the launch of its new record label, Iron Ridge Road Recordings, which focuses on supporting musicians in recovery. 

“Music has always played a role in our customized treatment programs through Music Therapy,” says Justin Daniels, who founded Clarity Way with his wife, Robin. “We also have a studio at Clarity Way (designed by Christopher Thorn, the founding member of Blind Melon and brother of Robin), so the record label was a logical extension of these activities.”

The first release from Iron Ridge Road Recordings will be the debut album from Blind Melon front man Travis T. Warren entitled Beneath These Borrowed Skies

The album is due for release Sept. 25, 2012, with Iron Ridge Road Recordings donating all proceeds to MusiCares – a charitable arm of the Grammys devoted to supporting musicians in financial, personal or medical need. Iron Ridge Road will also be the sponsor of MusiCares’ annual songwriting competition, Teens! Make Music, in conjunction with The Partnership At More albums are also planned to be released this year.

With the tremendous power of music therapy at its heart, Iron Ridge Road Recordings is set to establish itself as both an outlet for inspirational music and an invaluable support for musicians and addicts in need.

“Music saved my life; if I didn’t have music, I wouldn’t be here today. There’s no doubt about it,” says Warren. 

“We are very excited by the opportunities this is going to give us to support musicians in recovery,” Daniels added. “This will help create funds and awareness for MusiCares and on a wider level give hope and awareness to everyone who is affected by this disease that life-long recovery from addiction is not only possible but can be so rewarding.”

Beneath These Borrowed Skies demonstrates Travis T. Warren’s diverse array of influences and musical ambition, scouring everything from heavy rock to electronica to delicate folk. The album is meant to encapsulate a musician who is triumphantly reclaiming his life and his strength, in a bold recovery from a past of alcohol and drug addiction.

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