December 2, 2014

Children’s Book tackles addiction

A new children’s book about a piggy with a pickle problem is tackling addiction on a level that kids can understand.

“Piggy Pie’s Pickle Problem” by Gwen Tatera tells the tale of a pig that eats too many pickles, and breaks out with the pickle pox. Tatera tells children that while they need not fear the pickle pox, they should remember to keep all things in their lives in moderation.

The idea to write about addiction came from Tatera’s experience as a teacher.

“It all started years ago, I was teaching first grade,” Tatera told the FDL Reporter “There was a boy in class with calluses on his hands and bags under his eyes. I asked him why he was so tired and he said he was playing video games until midnight. I was alarmed. It made me realize that there are problems with addiction for children.”

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