November 14, 2012

Business looks to cash in on drug- and ‘Breaking Bad’-related merchandise

Posted Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012

Breaking Bad ProductNew Mexico citizen Keith West-Harrison is looking to take a business venture in a strange direction — a “Breaking Bad” television series direction.

West-Harrison, who owns an Albuquerque-based spa products firm, is now selling “bad” blue meth-looking bath salts. He says the drug-mimicking drug product is in honor of the popular cable television show “Breaking Bad,” which is filmed in the New Mexico city.

The product looks very similar to the pure meth seen on the AMC series.

According to the LA Times, some local parents have complaints about the new product. They say the sale of such products glorifies drug use. Some have also taken their complaints public through the World Wide Web, registering comments on the website of firms that sell the product.

“We’re not into glorifying drugs –it’s just an ode to the show,” Amelia Chavez, a manager at Rebel Donut that sells the product, tells The Times. “If you sell donuts with powdered sugar, are you promoting cocaine? It’s just candy. It’s just a doughnut.”

What do you think? Is the product going too far, or is it just an ode to the popular TV series? Let us know in the comments.

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