September 23, 2014

Bill pushes drug take-back programs

Bill pushes drug take-back programs

A representative from Illinois introduced a bill this week that would encourage communities to host drug take-back days, offering residents the chance to anonymously drop off their unused or unwanted prescription drugs in an attempt to keep them off the street.

The bill, called the Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 2014, also makes it easier for physicians to share information about a patient’s prescriptions, and encourages them to be on the lookout for people abusing drugs.

“Easy access to prescription drugs is leading too many young people down the path of addiction and opening the door to abuse of other opioids like heroin,” said Bill Foster, a Democrat from Illinois. “Families in my district are being torn apart, and lives are being ruined. We must do more to combat prescription drug abuse.”

According to a story in The Daily Northwestern, last April Americans turned in 780,158 pounds of prescription drug during a national drug take-back event.


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