May 27, 2020

‘As long as you’re breathing there’s hope’: Woman shares her story of addiction recovery.

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LETCHER COUNTY, Ky, (WYMT) – The Letcher County Sheriff's Office is working hand in hand with Judge Jimmy Craft and Judge Kevin Mullins to help addicts go to rehab.

In 2019 they helped 256 people from the county get the help the need. 

In 2018, Allison Rose was one of the people the sheriff's office helped. 

Rose thought all hope was lost. 

“I felt like I was at the end of my road that this was going to be it,” recalled Rose. “I no longer functioned as a mother, as a daughter. It was all about the meth.” 

The addiction started years ago. 

“Drinking and smoking marijuana and then later on I had back surgery and there came the opioids and it just progressed from there,” said Rose.

Then she started using meth. 

“It wasn't something that I enjoyed. I mean being paranoid just everything that comes with meth abuse. It wasn't fun,” said Rose.

She used to numb herself to the pain of her reality. She was absent from her children's lives and putting her unborn child in danger.


“As long as I was using it I really wasn't thinking about them or what they were doing. I wasn't thinking at all,” said Rose.

She was arrested in June of 2018.

“That day was my saving grace that changed everything,” said Rose.

Judge Mullins helped her be placed into Karen's Place. It is an addiction treatment facility run by Addiction Recovery Care for pregnant women.

“ARC and God just brought me from the pits of hell and brought me to where I'm at today,” said Rose.

She learned about recovery and how to to break the chains of addiction. She also had her healthy baby girl, Kayleigh. 

Now, 18 months later, she is working at ARC, the organization that saved her life.

“If you come out of treatment and you don't have no body to support you nine out of 10 you're not gonna make it,” said Rose.

She is giving hope to those who are in the place she was just months ago.

“You're never too far gone for God to forgive you and love you for one thing and as long as you're breathing there's hope,” said Rose.

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