May 27, 2020

Advocacy Day to Follow UNITE Rally

A week from today – on Monday October 5, the day after the UNITE to Face Addiction Rally takes place in Washingon D.C. – over 5,000 citizens will meet with their members of congress to advocate for improved and expanded mental health legislation. 

“Advocacy Day will be a historic opportunity,” said Greg Williams, the UNITE to Face Addiction campaign director. 

Like the UNITE to Face Addiction Rally, Advocacy Day is organized by Facing Addiction.The organization is asking people to push their representatives for better support for people struggling with addiction. In particular the group will focus on actions surrounding three pieces of legislation: passing of The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, which would direct the government to establish a Pain Management Best Practices task force, and take other steps to fight the opiate crisis; enforecent of The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, which is meant to stop insurance companies from capping addiction and mental health coverage; and the passage of the REDEEM Act, which would offer drug offenders more flexibility around expunging their criminal record.

Even people who will not be in Washington for Advocacy Day can get involved by vocalizing their support for these acts with their Senator or Representative. 



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