May 27, 2020

Adults Aged 50-59 Are Largest Group in Opiate Treatment

A New York University study has found that adults in their 50's are now the largest group in treatment for opiate treatment program.

In 1996, this population made up just 7 percent of people in treatment for opiate addiction. In 2012, the population made up 35.9 percent. 

“These increases…. suggest that we are facing a never before seen epidemic of older adults with substance use disorders and increasing numbers of older adults in substance abuse treatment,” said Dr. Bejamin Han, chief investigator for the study. “Unfortunately there is a lack of knowledge about the burden of chronic diseases and geriatric conditions or the cognative and physical function of this growing population.”

There was also an increase in patients in their 60's seeking treatment. This group rose from 1.5 percent to 12 percent.



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