October 27, 2013

A cleaner Korn

RTT News

Although he has since rejoined the group, Brian “Head” Welch says that he had to leave Korn back in 2005 because he couldn't be around destructive behavior, according to a report by RTT News.

“I couldn't be around people killing themselves anymore,” Welch told Billboard. “As far as people doing cocaine or just drinking themselves into a crazy alcoholic and watching people's lives slip away, I can't be around that. It was really dysfunctional and unhealthy, so I just needed to get away from that.”

Welch, who also spent time with his own band Love and Death, views Korn's new record, “Paradigm Shift,” as a new beginning, for not only himself but the rest of the band as well.

“It seems like we've been given another chance to live and breathe and really appreciate and be so thankful for what we do. We're so pumped up about this record, and the songs [in concert] are just blowing up,” Welch said.



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