December 8, 2012

9 tips to break the need to control

Don't keep trying to push your way through a closed door. Here's how.

Where do you begin the process of letting go and stop pushing, manipulating, fixing, forcing and needing to be in control?

9 tips to break the need to control Here are nine simple ways to start the process from licensed psychotherapist and recovery life coach Sherry Gaba.

1.       Let go of all the “I should,” “I have to” and “I must” statements. Instead embrace expressions such as “I allow,” “I bring” or “I am open.”

2.       Learn to let go of perfectionism. We are not omnipotent, infallible or superhuman beings.

3.       Learn to tolerate a little discomfort and uncertainty while you wait for solutions to emerge.

4.       Know there is a higher source for us to surrender to whether it is God, Allah, the Creator, Mother Earth, Tao or whoever and whatever you call your higher power.

5.       Know that your life’s experiences were not random but were there to promote growth.

6.       Move around; it clears out negative energy and makes room for positive resonance.

7.       Allow people to be responsible for themselves, make room for the freedom and focus on your journey.

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8.       Accept things that that are unchangeable by making room for taking action in areas you can transform.

9.       Detach from the stories that are unhealthy to make space for more creativity and enthusiasm to accomplish all that you desire.

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