February 7, 2013

Make time for girl time


Take this with a grain of surgar, if you like, but women across America are looking to inject more laughter into their lives this year, according to a study commissioned by Skinny Cow Candy. 
One way they fully expect to accomplish this is not by watching silly sitcoms, but rather by spending more time with their girlfriends, even if they have to cancel the occasional date night.
The survey revealed that women are twice as likely to prefer a good laugh with their girlfriends over a new piece of jewelry, a manicure, or even a new pair of shoes. And while a phone chat with a dear friend counts, 61 percent of women respondents believe that an in-person laugh is better than a virtual one.
So here are some ideas for planning a fun and sober night with the girls:
  • Set the stage: Dinner presents opportunities for long talks, lingering and laughing. On the other hand, you all could decide to lay back and let the laughs come to you by watching a rental movie on the couch or heading out to the local theater. 
  • Eliminate distractions: You must get a babysitter or leave the children home with Dad. Meanwhile, Dad (or significant other) can make other plans. Hey, you can even go really wild and shut of the smartphones. There's a concept!
  • Add chocolate: Survey says, life is less fun without chocolate, or anyway that's how a majority of respondents weighed in. If sugar is a problem for anyone in the group, consider other options like sweet, fresh fruit. 
  • Stay within your means: Time spent with the girls need not break the bank. If budget is a concern, consider pot-luck, or making dinner together. You can also don your sneakers and head out for a hike or other workout together. The point is spending time together, not money.
  • Photo opps: For these, you may take out your smartphone. Photos capture your laugh-out-loud moments — and when it comes to girl time, we know how precious those can be. 

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