May 27, 2020

Wes Bentley Wants to Help Other Artists Get Sober

“American Horror Story” star Wes Bentley says that he wants to help other artists get sober and let them know that drugs are not a creative tool.

“Mostly I want to speak to young artists who might think they should do drugs because they're creative,” Bentley told the New York Post. “It's something I fell into. I already had a wild creative mind and I thought I could accelerate that with drugs. Then I learned that many of the artists I admire did not do drugs.”

Bentley overcame his addiction to cocaine and heroin, and for six years he has been one of those artists who channel their creativity clean and sober. He now strives to show other artists that sobriety is obtainable. 

“The biggest problem is the shame,” he said. “It keeps you down. But you can turn it around.”



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