December 31, 2014

‘The Mavericks’ fire member amid drug addiction

The grammy-winning band the Mavericks has had to fire founding member Robert Reynolds, because of what the other band members say is a serious opiate addiction.

The band reached the decision to fire Reynold in October, after many attempts to get him into recovery were unsuccessful, according to an article in Rolling Stone.

“I knew about it from before the band got back together. There were many signs when he first came back into the studio. I confronted him about it, and he denied,” Mavericks Drummer Paul Deakin tells Rolling Stone Country. “When he finally admitted it, I said, 'I'm not going to sign these [record] contracts until you go into rehab.' On three separate occasions we put him in different forms of rehab over the past three years.”

However, Reynolds continued to use, and ultimately the band knew that touring with him would be harmful to Reynolds, the band, and its fans.

“It's devastating — it's our good friend this is happening to,” says Deakin. “There are so many emotions that are mixed up in it. You're sad, you're pissed, you're confused. You're like, 'Fuck, this sucks!'”


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