February 27, 2013

Recovery Spotlight: Kelly Osbourne

Actress, fashion designer and writer Kelly Osbourne, 28, daughter of world-famous rocker Ozzy Osbourne, became addicted to pain killers after a minor surgery when she
was a teenager.

She has been opened about her multiple attempts to get clean from drugs and alcohol and stays in numerous treatment centers. And she has been quoted by various publications saying that it took each stay to move her to sobriety and she re-commits to her drug-free life every day.

“I had been to rehab several times and reached a point where I was taking more of what I was doing in hopes that I wouldn't wake up,” she says in an interview with Anderson Cooper. “And when I got to that point, the next morning I woke up and I was like, 'I just prayed for death. What the hell is wrong with me?'”

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