May 27, 2020

Recovery Advocate Leslie Glass Receives ASAM Media Award

Thirty million Americans have a drug or alcohol problem, and only 1 in 9 people with addiction receive treatment for their disease. That's because many people don't believe that recovery is real, that recovery is possible. 

The New York Times best-selling author Leslie Glass and her daughter, Lindsey Glass, know that's not true. So in 2011, they embarked on the ultimate mother-daughter road trip to speak with the thousands of people across the country who are in recovery. The results is the 2015 documentary The Secret World of Recoverywhich retraces the steps of Lindsey's recovery and strings together a multitude of other recovery stories.

On April 14, the American Society of Addiction Medicine honored Leslie Glass with the 2016 Media Award for the documentary, recognizing the film for improving the public's understanding of addiction, treatment and recovery.

“In the last decade the media has offered vivid portraits of addiction in many formats but very little reporting on recovery,” says Leslie Glass, the founder of Reach Out Recovery, the largest nonprofit recovery portal on the Internet. “There are 120 million Americans impacted by addiction with no resources to help cope with the devastation to their families. This underserved population desperately needs good news, support, and resources. When my family traveled its recovery journey, I realized that the positive untold story of people in recovery could make a difference for millions who currently suffer in silence.”

The Secret World of Recovery documents real people talking—without inhibition, fear or hesitance—about their lives. What came out were stories of not only personal regrets and realizations but also hope.

“I think the most shocking thing to come out of the making of the movie was that so many people wanted to talk,” Lindsey Glass told Renew in 2011. “It was like they had no voice before but had so much to say. Cameras were rolling, and people were talking; they were crying. The impression we got was that people were ready to stop hiding. They were ready to talk.”

The Secret World of Recovery is available on Amazon.


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