May 27, 2020

Reality Star Stephanie Pratt Struggled with Addiction, Eating Disorders

Reality television star Stephanie Pratt got hooked on drugs at just 16, and struggled with addiction and eating disorders for over a decade, she says. 

Pratt began doing crystal meth at 16, and later progressed to cocaine and other drugs. Pratt says that she realized she was in the grips of a “full-blown addiction,” but after a stint in rehab she still found herself using drugs in order to numb her pain.

“The inner core of sadness and anxiety that I wasn't perfect or even normal remained,” she wrote in New! Magazine. “And for as long as it did, I suppose there was going to be a part ofme that still was going to numb those sensations.”

Pratt got clean from drugs after a 2007 Rehab stay, but developed an eating disorder. 

Today Pratt, 29, is clean and healthy. She has been appearing on the British reality television show “Made in Chelsea” since 2013. 



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