November 26, 2014

Pete Doherty pens letter about addiction

Rock ‘n’ roll and drugs are often a tight-knit pair.

That was certainly the case for rocker Pete Doherty, of the British band the Libertines. Doherty’s career started strong, but faltered amid his widely-publicized drug use.

Now, instead of writing songs, the rocker has written a long eloquent letter discussing his decade-long fight with addiction.

“More than 10 years on, I can see that drugs have flummoxed me,” Doherty writes. “In most aspects of my life I think I’m a pretty sane person. If I hadn’t been successful with my music, I think I would have pushed myself to be successful at something else because I’m like that — I’m a grafter. But I got addicted. I wanted to stop, but I couldn’t.”

Doherty said that at one point, he thought he was not able to create music without being high. However, he says he now believes that his drug addiction has damaged his career.

“I’ve been thinking about my life, my loss of friends, relationships, opportunities, money, my values,” he writes. “All that loss; I just got so good at blocking it out.”

Doherty’s letter was published in it’s entirety in The Independent, and you can read it here.


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