May 27, 2020

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Rap About Addiction

English artist Macklemore and produced Ryan Lewis have release a new song written to raise awareness of prescription drug abuse. 

“I've seen pain, I've felt the losses/ Attended funerals and see coffins/ 21 years old, an angel was lost here/ Wings clipped by the grip of 80 milligram sniffs of oxycontin,” Macklemore raps in “Kevin,” a song named after the artist's friend who overdosed on prescription medications in 2010. 

In the song's refrain, Ryan Lewis sings, “We're in the waiting room and something ain't right/ all this is on you, we're overprescribed.”

Macklemore, who is in recovery himself, as spoken openly about how his daughter helped inspire him to get sober, and how AA has supported his sobriety

Watch the performance of “Kevin” at the American Music Awards here



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