May 27, 2020

Hollywood Hunk Joe Manganiello Finds Recovery, Then Love

Joe Manganiello might look like the luckiest man alive. The Magic Mike star has the perfect body and is married to Modern Family knockout Sofia Vergara. But before he found happiness and love, he had to overcome his addiction to alcohol. 

“I think addicts are born wired a certain way,” Manganiello said in the March 2016 issue of Men's Health. “But alcohol was not the issue for me—the issues were all internal. The drink just helped me to quell all the ill feelings I could remember having since I was a child. I was an addict before I ever picked up a drink.”

The 39-year-old says he spent his 30s cleaning up the mess he made in his 20s.

“I became the man that I dreamed of being, and the result was I met the woman of my dreams.”


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