October 27, 2014

Herbie Hancock discusses cocaine addiction

Herbie Hancock discusses cocaine addiction

Jazz musician Herbie Hancock managed to keep his cocaine addiction hidden when he was using, but he is telling all now in a new memoir, Possibilities.

In the book, Hancock said (LINK: http://entertainthis.usatoday.com/2014/10/24/jazz-great-herbie-hancock-used-to-be-addicted-to-crack/) that he knew he had made a mistake as soon as he tried the drug.

“When the high hit me, it was like nothing I’d ever felt. Crack overloads the pleasure center of your brain, hitting you with a wave of every pleasurable sensation you can imagine, physical and emotional, all at once. I closed my eyes and thought, Oh, (bleep). I should never have done this. This stuff was obviously way too dangerous to mess with.”

Hancock continued using for years. Although he was able to sometimes go months between sessions, he returned to the drug despite the risks.

“I made rules for myself: I’d never do it on tour, or when my family was around. And I never told (his wife) Gigi — never told anybody, in fact, except the very few people I actually smoked with. I was super paranoid about being found out and having my career, and maybe my life, ruined.”

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