May 27, 2020

Gerard Butler says He Has an ‘Addictive Personality’

Actor Gerard Butler says that his stay at the Betty Ford Center in February ripped him apart, and put him back together, better than ever. 

“When you hear rehab you think, 'He's a mess,'” Butler said in an interview with Men's Journal Magazine. “But I'm glad I did it… They really do rip you apart. But it's like spring cleaning, you know? You get rid of a lof of shit, realize a bunch more shit, and make a plan.”

Butler said that he began using prescription pain pills after getting injured filming the movie “Shattered” in 2007. He continued using them for pain for years, and when he sustained another injury filming “Chasing Mavericks” in 2011 he realized that he may have a problem.

“I started taking more,” he said. “And I started taking them quickly.”

Butler said that he never reached the point of full-blown addiction, but that he was afraid that he was on that path. 

“I think, on a basic level, I have a pretty addictive personality,” Butler said. 

Butler said that reports that he was using other drugs or drinking her false, and that he hasn't had a drink in 15 years. 



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