May 27, 2020

Euro Tour golfer discusses soda addiction

Peter Lawrie, an Irish golfer on the European tour, says that the recent drop in his golf success is because of addiction – to soda.

“I was addicted to it and I tried to stop it,” Lawrie said to Irish-based Newstalk and its “Golf Weekly” podcast. “I was drinking liters of the stuff. Even in the hottest countries, like Malaysia, I would have Coke on the golf course, because I was addicted to it.”

When Lawrie cut soda from his diet in 2013, he experienced dramatic effects.

“I went from such a high on sugar to a dramatic low,” he continued. “And I never recovered from it. I really didn’t. That was the one thing. I know this might shock people, but I lost all confidence in myself. I wouldn’t say I went for a breakdown, but I got exceptionally emotional at the end of that year and some of last year, as well. It was just very difficult to deal with all of the situations that were coming at me. Whether that had anything to do with my mental state in any shape or form, I have no idea.”

Lawrie was says that he was unable to abstain from soda, although he now drinks it in smaller quantities.

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