May 27, 2020

Comedian Craig Gass is serious about recovery

Comedian Craig Gass first started using cocaine in his teens, and continued until a heart attack at 32 caused him to swear off all drugs.

“It was surreal because I was making phone calls to people not knowing if I was ever going to talk to them again, all while feeling my breathing becoming more restricted as my body was shutting down,” Gass told The Fix. “I knew afterwards that something had to change.”

Now, the star who has appeared on Sex and the City, The Howard Stern show and many other productions, has been sober for ten years. However, at the beginning his recovery was tumulchuous.

“So many of us do this stupid dance where we know we need help, but see what the options are and run away. Just surrendering and accepting the embarrassment and saying I have a problem is something not many of us are able to do,” he said.

To read the full interview with Craig Gass, head over to The Fix.



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