May 27, 2020

Coach: Johnny Manziel ‘in much better place.’

Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine visited Quarterback Johnny Manziel in rehab recently, and said that the player is already reaping the benefits of treatment.

“He's in a much better place now than before he went in,” Pettine said Wednesday at the NFL Combine, via Yahoo Sports . “He's very determined to come out of it in a much better way.”

Manziel entered treatment last month, saying that he would use the offseason to confront his addictions.

Although there has not been any decisions made about Manziel’s return to the Browns, Pettine said that the organization supports their Quarterback in recovery.

“I wanted to go see him and let him know we are proud of him for the decision he made to go in and he has our full support,” Pettine said.



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