July 29, 2014

Assessing “The Situation,” eight months into sobriety

He became famous on “Jersey Shore,” a show based on excess. However, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, 31, is now living a balanced life after tackling his addiction to prescription pills, and he’s sharing his story in a recent issue of People Magazine.

Sorrentino entered rehab in 2012, and has said in the past that he keeps his recovery under control using counseling and prescription drugs that help to counteract opiate addiction.

Getting sober while remaining active in the world of reality t.v. hasn’t been easy, Sorrentino told People.

“Because of the parties and the traveling … the percentage on recovery is not the best,” he said. “It was extremely hard and it took every ounce of effort for me, and I just put my head down and kept moving forward.”

Now, Sorrentino has been completely clean for eight months. He is currently staring in another reality t.v. show, “The Sorrentinos,” alongside his brother Frank.

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