May 27, 2020

Former NFL Quarterback Max Hall on Recovery

Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Max Hall first turned to Oxycontin, cocaine and alcohol to help relieve the pain from injuries sustained while playing football. A self-described “closet drug addict,” Hall abused on drugs and alcohol during his two seasons with the Cardinals and during a stint in the Canadian Football League.

After his football career ended, Hall continued to abuse prescription pain meds. It wasn't until he was arrested for shoplifting and possession in 2014 that Hall realized he had a problem. 

“I had to dig deep and ask for help,” Hall says in an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune. “I was powerless. I couldn't beat this thing on my own.” 

After months of rehab, Hall works every day to stay sober. 

“I take it seriously and just do everything I need to do to stay sober,” he says. 



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