August 8, 2014

“Why don’t you drink?”

12 Simple (And Honest) Ways to Answer the Question: “Why don’t you drink?”

Almost everyone in recovery has been asked this question. There’s no need to make it awkward or tell your whole story if you’re not comfortable. Keep it short and sweet with these answers:

1.       It’s against my spiritual beliefs.

2.       I suck at it.

3.       “Why do you?”

4.       I’m allergic to alcohol.

5.       I’ve discovered life is just better when I don’t drink.

6.       Health reasons.

7.       I just don’t like it.

8.       It doesn’t agree with me.

9.       I have more fun when I don’t drink.

10.   I like being clear-headed.

11.   I like waking up indoors.

12.   I’m sober.

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