May 27, 2020

Renew Announces “Enough is Enough: Addiction” Film Series

Amid the growing movement to speak out about addiction and advocate new approaches to recovery, Renew Media is announcing the release of a short film series, “Enough is Enough: Addiction,” produced by Mark Rapparport and directed by Owen Schwartzbard. 

The film series highlights the importance of each person taking responsibility for their role in dealing with the addiction crisis that is affecting families in all walks of life. The film's message of hope is aligned with the value's of Renew.

“Mark and Owen have produced a poignant series that shows what we know to be true: No family is immune to addiction. We all know someone that is affected by this disease,” said James Moorhead, founder of Renew Media.

“Enough is Enough: Addiction” shares interviews with former drug users, emergency room doctors, parents, and other people advocating for awareness around addiction.

“’Enough is Enough’ shows that addiction is in our homes, workplaces and schools,” said Mark Rapparport, producer of the series and co-founder of ePreventions, LLC, a software company that develops tools for recovery support. “The short film series shows how destructive addiction is to family health. The film reinforces the idea that recovery is lifesaving. The series highlights the fact that the people who struggle with addiction are our friends, family and loved ones and we need to actively support them.”

The film is available online, and the seven-part mini-series will be released weekly.

Renew Media and “Enough is Enough: Addiction” both strive to show that the ten percent of Americans who are in recovery from addiction are not deficient or morally flawed. They are living with a disease that can affect anyone, anywhere, at any time. The truth cannot be brushed away.

After all, we all know someone that is affected by this treatable disease.

Please like “Enough is Enough” on Facebook, and take two minutes to watch the film's trailer



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