May 27, 2020

Recovery Resolve

by – Super Star

When it comes to goal setting for the New Year, the first question  to ask yourself is, “Are you interested or are you committed?” 


If you’re only interested you may never have the motivation to take even the first step.  However, if you’re committed, you will do what it takes to finally create lasting change in your life.

The beginning of a new year is a popular time to make resolutions. Goals vary from one person to the next, but the reason is always the same: a desire for change. For some, starting an exercise program is a high priority for a lifestyle change. For others, resolutions center on mental, spiritual or even emotional wellness. But for all of us who do make the decision to take on a New Year’s resolution, the responsibility is the same: to remain committed to it. But many of us don’t.

So why is it that many resolutions are long forgotten by January 2? Did we lack the commitment? Was it an unrealistic goal? Did worries of not being worthy or fears of failure sidetrack us? These are questions that I have asked myself as I’ve looked deeper at the concept of goal setting and what is needed to see goals through to completion. 

I’ve found some tools for successful goal setting that I’d like to share with you:

Get a journal, write down your goal and track your progress. Connect with a “resolution buddy”—someone you can check in with on a regular basis for support and encouragement. Write a minimum of five minutes every day about what step(s) you took that day to move closer to your goal. Create a vision board of your resolution; a board or piece of paper that has pictures, words, etc. that express why your resolution is important to you. And one of the most important tools I’ve learned is to always remember that obstacles are only opportunities, so if you take a sidestep on your goal, just get back on track.


Thanks to my recovery, today I have found the focus and clarity to follow through with the steps to achieve my goals.  I pursue goals with a relentless passion realizing that every step I take brings me one step closer to my desired outcome. There is a winning combination in hard work and perseverance while keeping in mind that the foundation of my life if based on personal responsibility. I am the only one that can see my goals through to fruition.

So for me this New Year is already shaping up to be different. Why? Well, be- cause I have chosen a goal that is not tangible—one that can’t be easily measured by physical tracking. The goal I have chosen this year is to create more and more opportunities in my life to experience joy. I have found no greater sense of serenity than when I’m extending a hand to others. That is what I believe life is all about. Through giving of ourselves we gain more than we could ever conceptualize.

My wish for you is that you take the time to invest in yourself in 2013 so that you too can create the life you can’t wait to get out of bed each morning to live!

Super Star is a musician, author and motivational speaker dedicated to inspiring others to embrace their sobriety, take personal responsibility for their lives and catch their dreams. You can read Super Star’s Blog regularly at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter @sobersuperstar.

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