October 25, 2012

‘Recovery is broad and the end goal is truly happiness’

 http://reneweveryday.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/72e50aee05ad492e9d01bd2d348798351.jpgThis year, 23-year-old Sean Morrison took spreading the message of recovery to new heights. He hit the road for 30 days, and in the end learned more than he ever imagined about himself, recovery and those working every day to maintain sobriety.

Morrison, a lead advocate for the Heroes in Recovery movement, set out on a road trip July 11 and didn’t head home until Aug. 8. During the trip he had one goal: To collect and share 60 stories of recovery from across the U.S. And he collected those stories by simply hitting the street and opening his ears to all who would share.

Here is Sean’s personal account of his journey:

Hey, I’m Sean, a lead advocate for the Heroes in Recovery movement.

This summer I embarked on a 30-day road trip with Heroes in Recovery. My goal was to gather, collect and share 60 stories of recovery across America.

As a part of the Heroes in Recovery movement, we believe that through our stories of recovery we can help break the stigmas associated with addiction and mental illness. The stories I gathered represent our journey of recovery and celebrate who we are today, not who we were. They inform others of how recovery affects all of us.

 http://reneweveryday.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/53dbca1dced147a5a9e93fb71cd8a8b61.jpgI kicked off my journey in Colorado with the Heroes in Recovery 6k walk and run; headed to New York where I met Laurie Dhue; hopped a train to Pennsylvania to hit some stellar recovery meetings; and from there I rode the train to Washington D.C. where I met up with another killer organization, Young People in Recovery. During the last leg, I headed to Virginia with Morgan County Partnership; West Virginia to meet Hampshire County Partnership; and then to my final destination, Tennessee, where we ended with a grand shebang in Nashville.

The best part of my road trip for recovery? That’s easy. All the amazing people I met along the way. In the beginning, we set out with no expectations. But through all the phenomenal support we had, we were blown away with the amazing stories and friends made.

http://www.reneweveryday.com/assets/1/7/ed0830aa77864bb18615e9bb58f65e0a1.JPGThrough this journey, it was also an amazing learning experience. Before leaving, I knew we could achieve my wildest dreams, but in reality, I learned that more than my dreams were achievable. So much more was gained through the sharing of stories. I heard stories from all over the country about how important it was for the Heroes in Recovery movement to keep moving forward; it was inspiring.

I discovered that when we reach out to others and ask for help, people are there for us and willing to help us along our journey.

Together, we can break the stigmas of addiction.

Sean Morrison

Click here to read and view all of Sean's collected stories at the Heroes in Recovery website.

You can learn more about Sean's trip and Heroes in Recovery in the Nov./Dec. 2012 issue of Renew.

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