February 6, 2013

Novelist Ann Leary admits ‘I’m definitely an alcoholic’


“I'm definitely an alcoholic,” said the best-selling novelist Ann Leary, who hasn't had a drink for six years, in an interview with the New York Times this week.
Leary, 50, for the first time publically admitted that she used to drink a bottle and a half of wine on her own during the daytime while her husband, actor Denis Leary, worked, and her two children were out.
She suffered blackouts, but saw alcohol as her savior from shyness, she said. Despite her several years of sobriety, she says she still misses drinking.
On the darker side, she said she has to remind herself, is that while drunk she would do things to upset people, then forget what she was done.
“I was the kind of drinker who everyone would be mad at the next day. I didnít know where I was or what I was doing,” she said. “So when I decided to quit, it wasnít like people said, ëOh, no, you donít need to do that.í Everyone was like, good idea.í
Leary described feeling overshadowed by her celebrity husband. However, in recent years she has written celebrated nonfiction and fiction works, as well as penning dozens of magazine articles and hosting a radio show on NPR.
Her new novel, “The Good House,” which reached the New York Times bestseller list, is about a businesswoman who has a drinking problem and is told by her daughter to check into rehab.
“Maybe I write well about drinking because I love to drink,” she said in the interview. “Iím definitely an alcoholic.”
Source Article: Daily Mail

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