May 27, 2020

Jesse’s Story: Pot as a Gateway

Renew Media is releasing the first film in the “Enough is Enough: Addiction” documentary series. The short film shares the story of Jesse, a man whose pot habit eventually led to him taking up to 40 perscription pills a day.

“You hear people say [pot is] a gateway drug and it is. It's kind of an uncool thing to say that because people who smoke weed like weed,” Jesse said. “But for me thats exactly what it was…. I remember the first time I did cocaine it was through a weed deal.”

Jesse first used marijuana to fit in and look cool, and found that because of the pot he was welcomed into a group of friends who were also doing other drugs. 

You don't know your addicted until it's too late. It's just there,” he said. 

Jesse says that he was lucky to get sober, and he hopes that the next generation will be able to avoid turning to drugs and alcohol to solve their problems. 

Don't go inward,” he said. “Stay out here with us.Talk about it. What can we do to get to youth in the next generation in a way that they don't have to be using, that they don't have to fill a hole with booze or with drugs? That would be fantastic.

Watch the five-minute film to see more of Jesse's story. Follow “Enough is Enough: The Movie” on facebook and check for weekly updates about the latest episode of “Enough is Enough.”



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