May 27, 2020

Before It’s Too Late

The final episode of “Enough is Enough: Addiction” features a mother who lost her son to drug overdose, and has since become an advocate for other families seeking help.

“Parents like myself who aren’t educated and didn’t know the signs to look for at the beginning…. That’s a concern, and that’s why I’m doing this,” says Jodi B.

Her son Jared began smoking marijuana at 14, and used it to self-medicate until he died of a prescription pill overdose.

“Toward the end of his life is when he was crying for help. Wasn’t getting high from the marijuana and I have so much anxiety…. It just got really bad. By that time it was too late. He was already using pills,” Jodi says.  “I don’t know how I didn’t see the signs.”

Although it is too late for her son, Jodi is now a resource for families and individuals dealing with addiction. As she checks her voicemails, she lists the messages: one teen trying to delay rehab; a mother whose child had overdosed.

“I’m scared to check the rest,” she says.

At one point during the interview, a text messages comes through.

“Do you have Narcan and is rehab still on the table?” Jodi reads, explaining that it is from a former star football player, who was prescribed Vicodin at 17, despite having two parents who are addicts.  

“Now he’s shooting up heroin,” Jodi says. She has helped him into treatment before, but is still optimistic that he is ready to get sober. “He just texted again wanting help. Maybe this will be it,” she said.

“Addiction is a sad disease. It really is sad, and we’re losing our next generation. They’re dropping like flies.”



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