July 31, 2014


Nate Lawler, 37, front-man for the punk band Death on Wednesday, is now clean and sober after coming close to losing everything to addictions.

Renew:What is it like being in recovery as a musician?

Lawler:Alcohol and drugs become a normal, everyday thing. When you get back into (music) it can be uncomfortable, and you wonder if you can do it. Especially when you’re playing shows where people are drinking, or maybe other people in the band are drinking.

Renew:How are you able to work around those obstacles?

Lawler:This time what I did different was working all the 12 steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous program. I go to a lot of meetings and stay close and accountable to a lot of guys. It is possible, that’s for sure.

Renew:How has being sober affected your music?

Lawler:When I was out there, I threw away everything. Now that I’ve gotten sober I have a band back together, I’m putting out a new record, and people have faith in me again. It’s been a really good deal. At first it was hard to write music and channel that, because I used drugs and alcohol to channel different stuff. But now it’s becoming easier. I keep it one day at a time.

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