May 27, 2020

A Family Shaped By Addiction


Like many families touched by the heroin epidemic, the Masters family does not look like the face of drug abuse. However, their son and daughter began using heroin at 14 and 18, and the addiction ultimately cost their son his life.  

It wasn't an everyday thing for him…. and I just saw the progression get worse and worse and worse,” daughter Amber said in the latest episode of “Enough is Enough: Addiction.”  “When I was doing it with him I just thought we were just partying, it was just fun. I didn't think about it.”

Amber started doing heroin a few months before her younger brother Adam, and the siblings did drugs together for the first time when Adam was 14 and Amber was 18. 

During the episode, mom Ginger explains that she didn't know about her children's drug abuse until it reached a critical point, despite being home with the kids. 

I was around. I was a stay at home home. It was important to me because I know the trouble that I got into when my mom was at work,” Ginger said. “I did not notice any issue with [Amber] with drugs and alcohol until after my son passed away.” 

In the documentary, Ginger talks about fighting with insurance to get her son into treatment. When insurance stopped covering treatments,“Then it became jail,” she said.



“He always told me he loved me and I told him I loved him,” Ginger said, urging parents to always show their children love. “They're already battling their own issues. They don't need to think that you hate them too.”

Although Adam lost his battle to addiction, Amber is in recovery after many treatment attempts.

“And my life has been fantastic,” she said.

“Enough is Enough: Addiction” is a short documentary series presented by Renew Media. The series shows how addiction is in our homes and communities, and how recovery is possible. Watch the trailer for the series and the first episode, Jesse's story, about a man whose marijuana habit opened the door to more severe drug use. 


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