May 27, 2020

9 Mistakes Family and Friends Make During Addiction Recovery

By Amy Rothermel


The healing process of addiction recovery takes time. Family and friends of recovering addicts usually cannot relate to what the recovering addict is feeling and what they are going though. It takes a lot of strength for addicts to overcome addiction and remain sober. There are many things that can trigger relapse; therefore, it is vital not to make these nine mistakes during the recovering process. Alpine Recovery Lodge in Utah encourages friends and family members of addicts to get involved in their loved one’s journey to recovery.

Avoiding Active Involvement
Addiction doesn’t only affect the addict but also friends and family. It is usually the cause of friendships breaking and families drifting apart. During the recovery process, the recovering addict needs full support from friends and the closest family members. This is also the best time to repair relationships and make up for all the time that was lost. Get involved. Attend family therapy while your loved one is in rehab.

Staying in the Dark About Addiction
We understand that it be a bit overwhelming. However, in order to support a recovering addict, friends and family need to educate themselves if they want to give their loved one their full support. Learn about addiction and their journey to recovery so that you can relate to how they are feeling and what to expect next. You can search online for the causes and symptoms of addiction. Also, attending family therapy while your loved one is in rehab is another good way to educate yourself.

Placing Blame
Addiction is a disease, not a personal failure. In fact, blame can jeopardize recovery. It is completely pointless to blame a recovering addict for their past actions. The best solution is to move forward and work on having your loved one successfully recovered from addiction and mending broken relationships.

Expecting Fast Results
The recovery process isn’t something that just occurs overnight. It is a lengthy and demanding process. You should expect ups and downs during recovery. The key to having your loved one recover successfully is to be patient and understanding. There is also no set amount of time for how long it will take a recovering addict to heal. Each and every individual is different.

Not Opening Communication Lines
Talking about the damage to your relationship is essential to resolving all the issues between you and your loved one. It will also help with reconnecting you and your loved one. Welcome the chance to share your expectations for the future.

Making It About You
Addiction does affect friends and family, and it has a negative impact on relationships. However, recovery is not about the family and friends. It is all about the recovering addict and their journey to recovery. It is also important not to take recovery challenges personally. Should your loved one relapse, don’t take it personally.

Not Celebrating Successes
Believe it or not, but it takes a lot of determination and strength to remain sober. Rebuilding strong, sober relationships is all part of recovery. Encourage your loved one to set milestones, and celebrate the small steps your loved one takes along their road to recovery.

Forgetting About Yourself
It is understandable to neglect yourself in the process of the recovery of a loved one, as it is a demanding and crucial stage of their life, and you need to offer your full support. However, it is vital to not overlook your emotional and physical needs. You should consider joining a group therapy program or even an individual program that’s dedicated to the loved ones of recovering addicts.

Failing To Have a Plan
Your loved one will require continued support after their treatment in rehab. Make all the necessary plans to support your loved one during their recovery process. Ask the staff at the rehab that they joined for local resources and aftercare therapy.

Amy Rothermel is financial director and co-owner of Alpine Recovery Lodge. A graduate of Nevada State with a bachelor of science in business administration, Rothermel also took master’s-level math, finance and economics classes at The University California, San Diego. She is committed to the business end of daily operations and strives to use her knowledge of business processes to encourage the continued growth of Alpine Recovery Lodge. She works with insurance companies to get the most possible coverage available for the residents.


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