March 5, 2012

Living For Now

A theme that runs through my book, The Law of Sobriety, is the need for people who are recovering from any type of addiction to live for now. Too many people try to live for what might be or the perceived perfect life of the people they admire and look up to.

Their mindset is not focused on the serenity that living the good life today brings; rather they are focused on what they don’t yet have in their life. This brings about feelings of inadequacy, jealousy or envy, all negative thoughts that are likely to trigger a return to the addictive behaviors they are trying to rid from their life.
When you look toward the future with a positive goal, there is an increase in the positive energy around you. However, if you fail to notice the positives that are in your life today, it is too easy to say that you haven’t achieved success and that you have failed. Once you see failure, the old negative, destructive and toxic habits flood back into your life and derail your recovery. Recognizing the positives that the universe provides for you is an important part of bringing good energy into your world that gives you the support to stay on your path to recovery.
Living for now means recognizing the positives in your life. Each little step on the path of recovery needs to be acknowledged and recognized. They also need to be embraced and appreciated internally as this helps to build a strong sense of a positive self-image, getting rid of all those negative thoughts about self that have been controlling your actions for so long. Living for now means taking the time to enjoy the beauty in the world around you and taking the time to love yourself and the changes that you are making.

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