January 24, 2012

Don’t Switch Off the Lights

When all hope seems lost, look around for inspiration.

I am certainly not the first person to use this tool as a source of fuel for myself. During the course of my work with the Rockstar Superstar Project there have been several times when I felt like giving up because the obstacles seemed so great. But I never did seriously consider giving up my fight to spread the gift of sobriety to as many people as I can.
I believe the 15 years I spent fighting for my life during my active addiction had a purpose and I must pursue the vision that I was given—to inspire others through my own journey and encourage them to seek the limitless possibilities of life. I can’t stop; I need to forge ahead and overcome.
Sometimes my work comes at a cost. A lot of time is spent building the foundation of my dream, reaching out to connect and coordinate with organizations, contacting others because I believe there is potential for collaboration and sometimes feeling that others don’t see the value in what I’m doing. I realize that funding is oftentimes an issue. Politics may be another. Yet I continue extending a hand and reaching out. It wouldn’t be fair for me to stop trying just because I’ve been met with an obstacle.
The cost of giving up on my dream could be costing someone else their life. That’s the reality of addiction. That’s the reality of my pursuit to encourage others to love and never let despair get in the way.
I am in a place of transition right now. At first I saw it as an obstacle. But now I see it as another opportunity to land on my feet and eventually find peace at a place I can call home. My change won’t be easy but I must because the end result is worth it.
There are so many individuals who have beaten the odds because they stood firm in their quest just one more day. In talking with some of these people I have seen a common thread develop. They all seemed to have the same thought that if they gave up fighting for their dream, how they would have known that they wouldn’t have won the game tomorrow. None of us really knows, but those of us who think like that have all the reason in the world to continue.
This is for anyone trying to accomplish a goal; a business endeavor, a campaign, or a personal goal like getting an education, losing weight, learning a new hobby or starting a workout program. I’ll never give up hope because I believe I am doing the right thing; I know that I am.
I love looking to others’ stories of success as a source of inspiration. I enjoy hearing how they overcame the odds because they believed in themselves and the goals they set for themselves. How the importance of changing someone else’s life meant so much to them that they carried on despite their own feelings of hopelessness at times. I admire these individuals and am looking at some of them now for my own refueling.
When you fall over and get hurt, you get up again. And it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve fallen–it matters that you finish the game you started. If you stop after one defeat, ten defeats, or a million, you’ll never know how close you were to breaking through that barrier.
When all hope seems lost, everything seems dark and meaningless. Don’t allow yourself to enter that swamp. Don’t switch off the lights. Instead, turn them on and then turn them on again if necessary, and again. That’s when the shift will happen.
So for me it’s time to carry on, forge ahead and keep believing in myself because tomorrow could be the day.
Image credit: piyato/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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