July 27, 2012

A Moment of Gratitude

http://www.reneweveryday.com/assets/1/7/ea41c7b3dcf848278c384ab773adc17d1.jpgPeople get broken. Broken hearts, broken bones, broken dreams — they break down, they break up, they break the bank, break promises … break, break, break, we all fall down.

People get broken a lot, in a lot of ways, for a lot of reasons. Some good, some bad, some just because. But how do they mend?

Sometimes I think those of us who live a life of active recovery take what we have at our fingertips for granted. When we get broken, we have instant access to the healing process: people like ourselves who intuitively understand EXACTLY what we're thinking and feeling.

The other night after dinner I asked a younger man, someone new to Alcoholics Anonymous and whom I was encouraging to attend more meetings, “Where else can you go for an hour and know, with certainty, that the topic of conversation will be significant?  Where else can you go and know that the people in the room have to care about you if they have any hope of saving themselves?”

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