November 7, 2016

Gratitude Past & Present

I like to compare the experience of life and its many paths to traveling in an automobile. There is a reason that the rearview mirror is so small compared to the windshield, which we look through to move forward. There is some great wisdom in the fact that our past should be smaller than our present and our future. I always seemed to recognize this, and this knowledge supported me in becoming a great athlete, for I could forget about the bad play or the wrong move. I could also let go of a grudge in a relationship, for it was easy to understand not to carry it over into a new day. I seemed to know that the new day involved looking forward through the large windshield rather than staring in the rearview mirror at where I had already traveled.
  • Can you let your rearview mirror reflect the past as a smaller path and embrace the grand vision of the windshield of your future journey?
  • Can you see that you made some choices that kept you from being the real you, such as drinking? Or smoking or taking drugs? Or settling? Or playing small? Or blaming rather than claiming? Or becoming your parents rather than finding them in your becoming? 
  • Can you see the influencers who continue to be of the past rather than experiencing yourself as the main influencer of the present and the future?
  • Can you see, through your windshield, you taking care of yourself, accepting responsibility for yourself and bringing the new you into the current moment?
  • Can you let your rearview mirror reflect that you failed at your former marriage but have learned what not to do next time? 
  • Can you see, through your windshield, the real you meeting another real person who wants to dance and laugh with you all the days of your life?
If we continue to see ourselves in our past, we will continue to repeat our past in our current and future lives.
My love of life has become a true passion for me. Who knew that someone who almost killed herself from so many automobile accidents while under the influence, who went to jail twice, would end up being a life activist who reminds people every day, “Be the real you, and don’t take your life for granted”? Miracles are truly possible. I am a living miracle, and so are you. Bring on the miracles and the magic.
I believe that we are born with this amazing energy by the very nature of our being, and when we die, we are supposed to have as much energy as, if not more than, we were born with. This belief, unfortunately, is not supported by most people. The influencers try to teach us what to think rather than how to think for ourselves. They teach us that every event in our lives must take more and more of ourselves away. We are taught that by the time we are a certain age, we will be very old and will have less energy and vitality. We are taught by some of our communities that we will die around the same age as our parents or other family members. We are taught in some environments that by the time we are 40 or 50 we will be tired and old and that it is too late to dream, create or thrive. You can see on every television channel at any given time promotions for what you need to do to avoid a heart attack, the medication you need to take to be energized or less depressed, and how to replace hair or take it away. It is one thing to be proactive and make wonderful choices in our lives that will support our youthful energy and vitality; it is another when we are coming from the energy of “giving up our seat” of being the real us.
It is not proactive to take precautions to avoid something. There is a co-creative law of life that is always working, even for the people who say it is not working; it works for them by not working. When you come from an energy of “I have to do this to avoid that,” you usually bring the “that” to you. Heal the sensation of the “that,” and your belief will support the truths of your discovery.
Nor is it proactive to stop daring to raise the bar to be more than we have ever been before — to accept the ordinary as our ideal.
Anytime we take action based on a choice of avoiding or not wanting something to happen, we are bringing the lower vibration of what we do not want to happen into our creativity. We are a culture that avoids the idea of death so much that we do not understand that because of this avoidance of dying, many of us never live. Dying is natural; not living is not.

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