January 27, 2021

Things you are addicted to according to zodiac signs

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01/13 Things you are addicted to according to zodiac signs

For better or worse, every person has at least one addiction that they just can’t seem to get rid off. Whether it’s gorging on junk food all the time or leaning on drinking or smoking, addictions can be enthralling yet harmful for all of us. And so, astrology can be a great way to determine the addictions each sign has. In account of this, we bring to you the addiction you might have, according to all the zodiac.

02/13 Aries

Aries tend to have a careless and airy attitude which can surely make an Aries addicted to smoking and drinking. Once they become addicted to any of these, then, sometimes it gets very difficult for them to quit this addiction.

03/13 Taurus

For this sign, enjoying sensual joy is of utmost importance. Being not very self-aware, they are most likely to indulge in overeating and drinking. For them, having good food is not just a necessity but they live for food, therefore they generally eat more than required.

04/13 Gemini

Being an air sign, they should watch over the proneness and frequency of smoking. Gemini’s have impatient and casual mood and so, they can be easily bored with their lovers. They can be prone to internet surfing and can easily become addicted to social media.

05/13 Cancer

Cancer sign is ruled by Moon and is one of the most emotional and unpredictable signs in the zodiac list. They are always looking for something that can soften their pain and suffering, therefore they can be easily addicted to drugs, medicines especially painkillers.

06/13 Leo

Leos can get addicted to anything in the world! They always want things in surplus and are also the most fearless and strong zodiac sign amongst others. The possibility of addictions for them can be literally anything in the world like shopping, smoking, drinking, gambling or even substance drugs.

07/13 Virgo

Virgo finds meaning in life through service, duty, and work. Even though it worries and tires this sign to the point of mild mental illness, they’re addicted to the satisfaction they get from doing their job and even thrive on complaining about their work. It’s their whole life!

08/13 Libra

While Libra loves sweetness and cordiality, they’re also prone to get dependent on literal sugar. This Venus-ruled sign has a taste for the finer things in life, and sometimes their sweet tooth can tip their scales out of balance as they eat their feelings through macarons and eclairs.

09/13 Scorpio

Predictably enough, Scorpio, a sign known for being over-sexual and excited is addicted to sex. They are so deep and passionate that they connect best with their physical partners, not friends or family. In fact, the sign’s love language is actually sex!

10/13 Sagittarius

Sagittarius enjoys change if it brings the thrill of something new and revitalizing. It gives them a reason to look forward to something and be excited, so they go from job to job, partner to partner, and city to city in search of new horizons.

11/13 Capricorn

Sad sacks Capricorn have a complex connection with pain. They can never let go of bad influences, people who hurt them, or situations they know won’t end well because of their accord to pain. They feel the best things cost you happiness and peace and therefore stay this way.

12/13 Aquarius

No matter how hard the friendly Aquarian tries to mingle and mix with their favourite buddies, they can’t stop feeling like they’re better off alone. As one of the loners of the zodiac, this sign always feels like an alien and prefers isolation to the point that it ruins up their relationships.

13/13 Pisces

According to astrology, Pisces, being a water sign, is particularly in danger of getting severely addicted to alcohol. This sign loves running off from reality and feeling happy instead of feeling pain, so they like to drink their sorrows away.

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