October 2, 2014

New campaign gets everyone on the wagon

New campaign gets everyone on the wagon

You go to apple picking, and the farm stand offers samples of its hard cider. You watch the games with the new neighbors, and they offer you a cold one.

For people in recovery, reminders of their sobriety are everywhere, from the obvious activities like a night out on the town, to the most seemingly harmless, like dinner with friends. Dodging these temptations is something that the 23 million Americans with a drug or alcohol problem understand.

Now, a new campaign sponsored by CBS is aiming to help others relate by inviting everyone to give sobriety a try by spending #14days on the wagon.

By eliminating alcohol and non-medically necessary drugs for two weeks, the people can increase their own heath and show support for friends and loved ones in recovery.

The #14 Days start Monday, October 6th. Share your experience with the challenge by using #14Days, or emailing editor@reneweveryday.com

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